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              Interpret Craftsmanship Spirit with Wisdom and Sweat

              Virtuous, Precise, Innovative, Pragmatic

              02 / 01 MACHINERY

              Manufacturing Equipment

              • Boyu has advanced CNC machines, machining centers, plasma cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, shot blasting machines and other large-scale processing equipment. In addition, a complete production risk control plan is configured to escort every day's safe production.
              02 / 01 TECHNOLOGY

              Efficient Production Process

              • Boyu has a mature production process. On the basis of excellence, we also customize special manufacturing process according to different specifications, different batches of products. Each unique process makes the production more energy-saving, more efficient and better quality.
              02 / 01 PRECISION

              Focus, we’re serious.

              Details, we’re prudent.

              Precision, we’re resolute.

              • Boyu people are always customer-oriented and strive to exceed customer expectations with our products and services. The newly introduced ERP, MES, PLM and other international advanced management systems further standardize the production management process and ensure more efficient provision of products and services for customers.
              02 / 01 QUALITY

              Rigorous Testing,
              Excellent Quality

              • Boyu monitors every production process, collects quality inspection data all the times, and analyzes the quality inspection situation regularly to ensure that every part and every equipment produced by Boyu meet the standard.