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              When the window cleaner of the manufacturer fails in use, it is necessary to press the emergency stop button immediately


              Now there are more and more high-rise buildings in the city. For these high-rise buildings, it is also very important to do a good job in their cleaning and maintenance! But the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise buildings is difficult, especially for those with higher floors. It is dangerous to clean the appearance of windows on high floors, so the staff must take relevant safety precautions before they can go to work. The use of window cleaning machine is indispensable for cleaning high-rise buildings, so what should we do if there is a fault or unexpected emergency in the process of using window cleaning machine? Now by the window cleaning machine manufacturers to tell you!

              In case of emergency, the window cleaning machine should be operated as follows:

              1) Press the emergency stop button immediately;

              2) Use telephone or walkie talkie to inform the machine monitoring personnel in time and report the phenomenon;

              3) It is forbidden to start the machine at will to avoid serious injury;

              4) After finding out and handling the fault, turn the emergency stop button clockwise to restore the power supply of the platform and continue to work.

              Operation Troubleshooting:

              1) If there is a power failure and the power can not be restored, that is, it can not be connected before the implementation of maintenance service, then emergency rescue should be taken:

              a) Ensure normal communication between trolley and platform;

              b) Pull the power supply of the floor trolley out of the socket;

              c) Open the chassis door of the lifting mechanism;

              d) Insert the hexagon wrench in the spare parts into the brake release hole of the lifting motor, pull the brake, and slowly put the working platform to the ground (note that the brake release handle must be put and stopped for one stroke, and keep the low speed, so as to ensure the safety of the staff on the ground).

              Note: when releasing the motor brake, it should be released slowly, because when the drum exceeds a certain speed, that is, when the platform descending speed exceeds 20m / min, the backup brake will automatically trigger to brake the drum within 0.6m travel, so as to stop the descending movement of the working platform, At this time, as long as the floor operator lifts the release handle of the backup brake (the release handle of the backup brake is on the side wall of the lifting box), the backup brake will be ready again.

              2) When the backup brake is triggered, the anti overspeed travel switch installed on the brake acts, and the main circuit power is cut off

              3) All motors are equipped with the following forms of protection measures:

              a) Overload thermal relay protection device

              b) Press the button manually

              Note: the data in PLC has been set and debugged, so there is no need to reset any protection measures; It is forbidden for users to change the settings in PLC by themselves. If unauthorized personnel make any changes to the machine, the manufacturer will not be responsible for any abnormality. Please contact the manufacturer in case of any other malfunction.

              The above is the small series for you to introduce in the process of using the window cleaning machine in the event of failure or emergency need to do the work, I hope to be able to help you after reading! Window cleaning machine in the process of using problems, once not reported in time, then the consequences are very serious! Therefore, in order to protect the personal safety of the staff, we must deal with the failure of the window cleaning machine in time!